Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thanks for Subscribing

(This cute little basket was made using the Big Shot Die-cut machine. How fun and easy is that?!)
Thank you to all of you who subscribed to my blog. I also appreciate your comments. And now for the winner of a free stamp set. All your names are in a hat (kind of old fashioned, I know) and the winner is.....Becky! Congratulations!!! Thanks to all of you for checking out my blog. Sorry there hasn't been a new post for awhile. I just got back in town from a fabulous vacation. I'll post some new stuff soon. Happy Stampin'!


Becky and Jeff said...

Yeah!!! Thanks Jen. I love that basket thing you made it looks kind of hard although it probably isn't I bet. Super cute. Let me look at the stamp sets again and I will let you know which one. Thanks again!

Becky and Jeff said...

I just realized that you probably got that picture off of the website. anyways it is still super cute.